58502 Blitzer Beetle 2011

Tamiya Blitzer Beetle 2011 Re-Release 58502 Review

Welcome to our preliminary review of the 2011 Tamiya Blitzer Beetle. A full, detailed review will be posted here as soon as we can get hold of a production model to build and test.

There’s no doubt that some of the most popular Radio Controlled Cars Tamiya have release are those that are based on the VW Beetle such as the Monster Beetle, Sand Scorcher and of course the Blitzer Beetle which sees the Sand Scorcher body shell paired up with a Buggy/Truggy style chassis.

58502 Blitzer Beetle 2011
58502 Blitzer Beetle 2011

Well at last, due to popular demand it seems, Tamiya have finally decided to re-release Blitzer Beetle for 2011 as kit no: 58502.

Due to be released at the end of September the Blitzer Beetle R/C assembly kit, which was originally inspired by the exciting off-road desert racer cars and trucks of the 1970s and 80s  seen in the United States. The Blitzer is a very striking car indeed, not least because of the vivid colour scheme of black, orange, yellow and green.

The kit features the same durable ABS Resin body shell from the original 1980s model which supplied in white so you can choose your own main body colour scheme. The side mirrors are supplied as separate mouldings, which you may decide to leave off if you’re going to run the model as they’re one of the first things to break on any RC Car.

The archetypal Tamiya Driver figure also puts in an appearance once again. Supplied unpainted, the figure will require a little effort and patience to produce good results, but it’s certainly worth taking your time over. Check out our Tamiya Driver Figure Painting Tutorial for more info.

Again, as per the original, the chassis is a light weight ABS Bathtub design with rear mounted motor and rear wheel drive. One nice feature of these chassis is that there is plenty of room inside to allow you to choose the optimum places to install the Receiver and ESC.

On and Off-Road handling is catered for by 4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension which is enhanced by the included C.V.A. Oil Filled shock absorbers.

High grip spiked off-road tyres ensure that all the power of the standard RS540 Silver Can Motor is transferred to the ground, giving you good top speed and acceleration.

Also included is a Tamiya TEU-104BK forward and reverse electronic speed controller, which gives much smoother acceleration and a greater, indeed infinite level of control over the cars speed in both forward and reverse when compared to 3 speed mechanical speed controller supplied with the original 1980’s Blitzer Beetle.


  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit
  • Durable resin body is molded in white and comes with side mirror parts
  • Driver figure included
  • The tough, lightweight ABS bathtub chassis features a rear-mounted motor, rear-wheel drive layout
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is equipped with C.V.A. oil filled shock units and extremely durable monocoque-type lower arms
  • The front spiked tires feature three ribs for enhanced stability while the rear tires feature both spikes and an X-shaped tread pattern along the center to ensure high levels of grip
  • Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris
  • Tamiya TEU-104BK forward and reverse ESC
  • 540 type motor included

*Requires: RC system with steering servo, battery, charger and AA batteries for the transmitter. Also requires paint for the body shell and tools for assembly.

Where To Buy

The Tamiya Blitzer Beetle is now available to  from the following websites:

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