Tamiya 58001 Porsche 934 RSR

Tamiya’s first ever RC Car to bear the 58 prefix was the 58001 Porsche 934RSR. Very basic in comparison to the RC Cars of today, this 1976 model was powered by 4 standard C cell batteries, had a two servo radio setup and an RS-360S motor for propulsion.

The bodyshell on the Porsche 934 Turbo is extremely detailed and more resembles an Airfix Kit than an RC Car bodyshell, particularly when compared to today simple Lexan/Polycarbonate shells. Requiring hours of skilled labour to complete successfully, many modelers were loathed to run their beloved RC Cars once the build was complete for fear of damaging them.

The main chassis is based on a simple folded metal pan, with no shock absorbers worth a mention and very limited scope for tuning & upgrades.

This simple Radio Controlled Car marked the birth of Tamiya’s 30+ Years of dominating the RC Car market.



  • Model: 58001
  • Name: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
  • Release Date: December 1976
  • Drive: 2WD Rear Wheel Drive
  • Chassis type: Aluminum chassis plate
  • Body Material: ABS hard plastic attachments
  • Motor in the kit: RS-360S
  • Length: 370 mm
  • Width V: 168 mm
  • Height: 105 mm
  • Wheelbase: 190 mm
  • Ground clearance: 20 mm
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Scale: 1:12


The 58001 Porsche 934 is now a highly prized and very collectible model, highly sort after by collectors of the Tamiya 100 (the first 100 cars) worldwide, with mint examples regularly exchanging hands for over £500.

Where Can I Buy One?

  • Collectors Fairs occasionally see the 58001′s pop up in various states of repair

  • is the best option for complete models and spare parts for the Tamiya 58001

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